Tales of Kulplex is a hand-drawn explorative RPG about mythology, folklore and nature.
Set in a realistic living world, you will observe the wildlife and fill your notebook with intricate drawings of your travels.

The game follows Yao the Historian who lost his body parts on his journey to this world.
You will help him rebuild his body, as well as help other mythological creatures retrieve theirs by borrowing their powers.

Depart on a relaxing adventure and travel at your own pace in Tales of Kulplex.


In November 2017 on a long and restless journey through snowy Siberia, the first seed of an idea was planted: making a game about discovering our interesting world and its folk stories.
Thanks to further travelling and interactions, the concept evolved to include mythology, wildlife and folk music of the different regions. After several months of prototyping, internal playtesting and exploring regional artstyles, the look and style for the game was established.

Now, that initial seed has taken root and is growing into the universe of Tales of Kulplex.


  • Mythology: Encounter and discover the stories of several less-known mythological characters from different cultures.
  • Buildable Characters: Create unique power combinations to fit your personal playstyle.
  • Exploration: Immerse yourself in the world of the 14th century with its different cultures, regions and tales.
  • Travelogue: Fill your notebook with detailed visual entries from your travels around the wondrous world.
  • Relaxing: Decide your pace of gameplay and choose whether or not to engage in combat.
  • Folk Music: Listen to original music inspired by the traditional folk music of each region.
  • Realism: Experience realistic geography, weather patterns and timezones, based on extensive research of the real world.
  • Nature and Wildlife: Observe animals and study their peculiar natural behaviour in their own environment.
  • Textless: No lengthy texts and dialogues to interrupt your experience.
  • Hand-drawn Animations: Enjoy traditional frame-by-frame animations.


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Tales of Kulplex Credits

Alberto Vaccari
Project Manager, Game Designer, Programmer, Webmaster
Samuel Azeredo
Environment and Character Artist
Samuel Cunha
Environment and Character Artist
Maksim Maslennikov
VFX Artist
Sunand Kumar
Traditional 2D Animator (NPCs)
Silvith Tello Nuñez
Traditional 2D Animator (Playable Characters)
Tyler Cline
Orchestral Music Composer
Carlos Luis Jiménez Perozo
SFX and Audio Engineer
Daniela Patricia Pardo Tagle
UI/UX Artist